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Fishing, Spearfishing and Diving

Hire a local boat and driver for a fishing, spearfishing and diving. The local fisherman and captain are great oceanmen and know where to find the fish you are chasing. Fish the reef drop offs around Rah Island and Motalava or you can also go game fishing to the ocean reefs and seamounts. Depending on seasons fish species you could catch a variety of palagics and reef fish - Yellow Fin Tuna, Dogtooth Tuna, Marlin, Spanish Makeral, Wahoo, Coral Trout, Tusk Fish etc


Guided Canoe Tours


Cecil and Charles have created this new tour for our guests. Let them take you on a tour in a traditional canoe around Rah Island.

See our beautiful island the local way.


Rah Island Walking Tour

Take a guided tour of Rah Island and learn about local stories and history.

Visit the village and see the local way of life. Learn about our local agriculture and visit our gardens to see how we grow our own food.   

At low tide it is possible to circum navigate around the Island. you will enjoy seeing the changing landscapes around each area of the island.


Enjoy our Lagoon

Our bungalows are situated on the most pristine lagoon. Full of tropical fish and numerous collections of coral it is the perfect place to go for a snorkel. You could also try your hand at bamboo fishing, even learn to paddle a local canoe.

Or simply spend a  banks under the shade of tree, watching the local children play and the taxi canoe paddling between.


Traditional Shell Money

Learn how to make Shell Money, the traditional currency system of the Torba Province. Although Vatu is now the currency of Vanuatu, Shell Money is still created and used by some people of the Torba Province.

Visit the site of the Shell Money Bank which serviced all the villages of the Banks Islands.  

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